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Funding Ideas

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you give me some examples of the work that you have already done?

We’ve described the types of Products and Services in some detail on this website. We have also provided some examples of previous work done in the Client Portfolio.

Please feel free to contact us at anytime if you have any questions or queries – we’ll be happy to discuss your ideas with no obligation.

How should we choose a consultant?

It would not be appropriate for us to try and answer that question ourselves. The NCVO has a publication on how to do this and here is the link.

In addition perhaps you should check out their membership of professional bodies and their qualifications. For example the Institute of Fundraising, of which we are a member, provides us with a Code of Conduct to which we adhere.

How much will it cost?

We charge a daily rate which covers all of our overhead costs including staff development, telephone bills, internet charges, website development, our PAYE/NI costs, heating, lighting etc.

We will also reclaim our travel and subsistence expenses when working away from our offices.

The total number of consultancy days you require will depend on the nature of work you want us to undertake.We can discuss your need without obligation, provide you with a sample contract to consider and even develop an action plan which divides the work into phases to help your cash flow.

We carry out a wide variety of assignments from short bid writing tasks to working as a project partner for a long term (5 year) project.

The cost of our training courses per delegate depends on the course you are attending and can vary slightly according to the host charity that we are partnering to deliver our training courses. Please see the descriptions of our training courses for more details.

Are you insured?

Yes, we have professional indemnity insurance in place.

How can you help us to raise funds?

If you and your team are under pressure and need some temporary support we can help you to write bids and perhaps meet a tight deadline that is looming and that you just can’t afford to miss!

However we prefer help you develop a comprehensive funding strategy which will support all the areas of your operation. We tend to develop long term relationships with our clients over a number of years. We get to know their organisation, to understand their needs and their aspirations. Together we work on the funding strategy, bids and provide an ongoing support service to the organisation and its Board.

Whether its one off support for a particular bid or project or something that develops into a longer term relationship we’re happy to help you to achieve your goals.

Is there any type of fundraising you donít do?

We work mostly on project funding, trusts and foundations, corporate sponsorship, big gifts and partnership working. We tend to work on larger projects or work with the organisation to look at the whole organisation and review its funding strategy.

We often help our clients to develop an entrepreneurial approach and new business models which help with long term sustainability and a move away from grant dependency.

We don’t tend to get involved in direct mail services, legacies, campaign fundraising etc.

Why do we need a contract?

There are a couple of reasons:

  • It's a legal requirement for charities to have a written contract in place with any external party which is helping to raise funds.
  • We believe that it's a much better idea for both parties to think about what work needs to be done, clarify how that will be carried out and agree the cost of that work before you start.

With a contract in place everyone knows where they are and there are no surprises! Everything is agreed in advance.

I would like to bring you in but I have to convince my Trustees that itís a good idea Ė can you help?

We are often invited to do presentations to Trustees, especially if they have never employed a consultant before. We can explain how we have worked in the past, give them some details about our track record and experience (without the hard sell) and then leave with them referees that they might like to talk to.

It often works well since they can ask us questions directly rather than channelling a series of questions through the CEO or senior managers. It usually speeds up their decision and therefore will help you in the process.

Why is it better for us to use Funding Ideas rather than simply employing our own fundraiser?

You only have to pay us for the work that you want us to do. You may want a very small amount of support to help you get an important project underway and don’t actually need another member of staff (even a part time one). In this way you actually save money – you don’t pay us like other members of staff and have the additional burden of PAYE/NI contributions, providing us with office space and equipment etc. to do our job.

You get good value for money – you are not taking a chance on recruiting a new member of staff that you can’t be sure will be any good at raising money.

We work in a highly focussed way – we draw up an action plan with you and only charge you for the work we have both agreed to do.

We have lots of experience working with organisations and helping them to raise money for the work and projects that they want to do. This experience helps us to bring new ideas and a fresh perspective to your organisation.

We work all over the country and in Europe. We strive to keep ourselves up to date with developments in our particular areas of interest and so can often bring a national or international perspective and/or input to your work.

How do we know that youíre any good?

Simple – don’t take our work for it, have a good look at our website. All our Products and Services provide actual quotes from our customers and course delegates. Have a look at our Client Testimonials too!

If you would like to talk to some of our previous customers to ask them about our services please contact us to discuss your requirements and we’ll put you in touch with someone we have done similar work for in the past and you can call them for a chat!

There are a lot of different specialties within fundraising. We don’t pretend to be able to provide every fundraising service you will ever need – we’re honest about which services we offer. Our reputation is built on doing our chosen activities well rather than trying to be a "jack of all trades".

Do you only do consultancy work?

No we also provide training services and are often involved in projects as a partner to provide advice and support. Our heart is in the voluntary sector and we frequently share the same values base and passion as our clients and partners.

We’re particularly interested in working with innovative projects that aim to change policy and practice on a local, national or international basis.

Why are you interested in PQASSO and quality assurance Ė it doesnít seem to have anything to do with fundraising?

Sue Newberry, the Managing Director of Funding Ideas, used to run a charity in the Midlands. She helped the organisation grow and develop over many years and the centres are still in operation today.

As CEO she learnt the hard way about funding streams, contracts and fundraising! Working for and developing the organisation with the staff and service users helped her to learn some important lessons.

PQASSO is an extremely important and powerful "vehicle" to help you develop and evolve your organisation in response to your users and stakeholders' needs. It also helps you empower service users and staff, monitor your performance, capture evidence of your results and effectively communicate your impact to others.

These days it's not enough to do a "good job" running a charity - people need to know about your achievements and your impact, especially your funders, stakeholders and potential partners. Fundraising and working on your funding strategy is an important part of running a charity well. PQASSO is a holistic generic approach to help organisations self assess their performance in a number of areas - so funding and quality assurance are intimately linked together and are both essential for an organisation who wants to be successful and sustainable in the long term.

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