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Monitoring and External Evaluation

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What is it?

We provide external and independent support to organisations who want objective evidence of how their services or projects are performing.

Sometimes we work alongside the organisation or project leader to identify what information we need to collect, help them to implement the systems and processes they need, analyse the resulting data and finally work with them to identify where changes and improvements can be made.

We carry out external evaluations for particular services, products and projects.

Why is it useful?

  • This work builds on our experience in the area of quality assurance - consulting with, listening to stakeholder feedback, capturing objective evidence, acting on the results (and being seen to act on their feedback) are all important aspects of quality assurance.
  • For a project or new venture it is vital to identify what data will be captured and how you will measure your progress before the work begins.
  • Using an independent consultant gives your organisation and the resulting recommendations enhanced credibility.
  • The methods we employ mean that you are more likely to gain honest and accurate feedback than using internal methods alone.

Who is this suitable for?

  • Any manager who is running an organisation, service or project. It is extremely important when developing new products or services for example.
  • The lead partner of larger scale partnership projects.
  • Trustees or board members who are keen to receive independent feedback from stakeholders and feed their findings into the longer term strategy for the organisation.

When is this available?

We are happy to discuss your individual needs at any time without obligation.

How much does this cost?

We would charge a standard daily rate plus travel and expenses. We would agree a detailed action plan and costing schedule before the work started.

How can I find out more about this product or service?

For further information please contact us directly by email or by phone. We look forward to talking to you and discussing your needs.



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