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Communications and Marketing Strategy support

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What is it?

This area of our work is strongly linked to Stakeholder Consultation and builds on our work and experience in quality assurance. Good communications, marketing and dissemination of your results are very important elements of running a charity today. We can help you maximise the impact that you have by:

  • helping you to create clear and consistent messages for your stakeholders,
  • selecting the most appropriate means of communicating with and managing your stakeholders,
  • monitoring the effectiveness of your existing communication and marketing strategy,
  • optimising the benefit of your existing contacts and networks and
  • maximising the effectiveness of your resources.

Why is it useful?

So often we come across Charities who do a wonderful job but no one else seems to know about what they really do and how good they are. There is a significant amount of competition to attract funding and contracts between organisations and it is not enough to simply do a good job for your service users - you also need to shout about what you do, the difference it makes to people's lives and the results that you achieve.

Communication is essential both internally amongst your own staff, volunteers and service users, amongst project partners and externally to other stakeholders you need to reach.

If your current strategy is ineffective you are probably not getting your message across. Perhaps some people who could benefit from your service either don't know about your service or encounter barriers when they try to access it.

We can help you get the most for your money - making the most of limited resources is increasingly important. Some of our clients know how to give the right impression and "punch above their weight" - we can share their secrets with you.

Good communication, marketing and dissemination strategies all help to raise your profile amongst important stakeholders which can then lead on to improved opportunities and funding streams.

Who is this suitable for?

Any voluntary sector organisation who wants to maximise their impact.

When is this available?

We are happy to discuss your individual needs at any time without obligation.

How much does this cost?

We would charge a standard daily rate plus travel and expenses. We would agree a detailed action plan and costing schedule before the work started.

How can I find out more about this product or service?

For further information please contact us directly by email or by phone. We look forward to talking to you and discussing your needs.


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Telephone: 08456 434 686