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Stakeholder consultation

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What is it?

We work with organisations to identify the range of stakeholders for their organisation and the optimum way of consulting them given your goals and the resources for the consultation.

We can help you to:

  • carry out the consultation process,
  • carry out a detailed analysis of the resulting data and
  • report back (with recommendations) on the findings with due regard to confidentiality.

Why is it useful?

Consulting your stakeholders is very important - it can help:

  • inform your quality assurance and continuous improvement process
  • the development of your business plan, strategic management aims as well as your marketing and communication strategy
  • identify important opportunities for joint working and further means of developing existing partnerships and relationships with stakeholders.

Who is this suitable for?

Any organisation who:

  • Is involved in a quality assurance process
  • wants to proactively engage with stakeholders, listen to their feedback and act on the results
  • wants to review their activities in an objective, professional way using external expertise
  • wants to demonstrate to stakeholders that they are conscientious in their attempts to engage with their service users in order to bring about real improvements.

When is this available?

We are happy to discuss your individual needs at any time without obligation.

How much does this cost?

We would charge a standard daily rate plus travel and expenses. We would agree a detailed action plan and costing schedule before the work started.

How can I find out more about this product or service?

For further information please contact us directly by email or by phone. We look forward to talking to you and discussing your needs.


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Telephone: 08456 434 686