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Funding Ideas

Clients & Testimonials

"The course today has enabled me to think about how I report on outcomes and collect evidence in another way. I am going to meet with a member of the outreach team to discuss how we may capture important information in a more structured format."


Activity: Attended one day introductory course at client's own site

"I am interested in becoming a PQASSO Champion within my organisation and want to deliver a service that is quality marked - not only for the outside reputation of the organisation but for staff morale and motivation."


Activity: Attended one day course provided at client's own site

"I thoroughly enjoyed the course and it has wet my appetite and driven my enthusiasm to participate in PQASSO."


Activity: Attending the one day course provided at the client's own site

""Funding Ideas redefine the level of outcome you can expect per day of research." "Research outcomes were met and exceeded. Tasks were clearly defined and estimates of time required accurate." "A short piece of work created both opportunities for further activity, and a sounding board for ideas." "The breadth of material uncovered during searches really added value to the outcomes we were seeking. You were equally efficient at undertaking leg work and following up contacts as as you were at the strategic thinking we originally wanted""

Academic and Research Organisation

Activity: Best practice research for european funded projects

"Very clear, language - did not use big words. The language used was very simple to illustrate issues or give examples."


Activity: CES Course Evaluation - 2 day Implementing PQASSO (Delivering Quality Services).

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